Post Halloween Election Day Results Lowdown Blues

I had authored an entry with the heading, Must Be The Season of The Psychiatrist, comparing psychiatrists to sorcerers, particularly in their lack of scientific vigor, but I decided not to publish because I didn’t want to give psychiatrists the witch hunting defense, nor, for that matter, did I want to offend practitioners of the black and white arts.

Given the recent election results, I think some of us in the mental patients human rights movement are worried that this Republican sweep of congress could revive the flagging Murphy mental health bill (HR 3717). What Senator Murphy and others don’t seem to realize is that there are people who have spent much of their lives advancing the very things he is trying to reverse, and, win or lose, should his bill become law, even if those people are back to square one, this fight won’t end. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg as to the kinds of troubles the passage of this bill, if passed, is likely to evince.

In lieu of a more detailed entry, I’m leaving you with a few aphorisms of my own pertinent to the subject of psychiatry and politics:

The simple assertion that mental illness is real, that it is brain disease, and that it is biologically based neither makes mental illness real, brain disease, nor biologically based.

Biased research will give you biased results, especially when you’ve got it under your belt what to factor out to get those results.

The leading cause of “mental illness” in the world today is government benefits.

When the mental patient role is covered by insurance, there is little incentive to ever stop acting “ill”.

One thing you don’t get out of the nanny state are fewer ‘adult children’.

People will do all sorts of things to gain the love they lack, even if everything they do proves completely ineffectual.

An error in judgment is not an illness and, likewise, uncorrected errors don’t cease to be errors simply because they haven’t been caught. Error is something people are free to pursue, and indulge in, to their heart’s content.

If only we could cut the red tape…(“But we can, Dr. Swansong, we can.”)


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