A Few Words About The Church Of Psychiatry

“Mental illness” is the cardinal belief of the Church of Psychiatry. Converts to the Psychiatry faith are expected to believe in it the way Christians believe in Jesus Christ, son of God and miracle worker. Skeptics and disbelievers have been fully discredited for rashly stigmatizing both clergy and laity, doctors and patients, of this religion.

Although Jesus Christ has been credited with doing good, “Mental Illness” has been credited with doing much harm. It is seen as a negative and unstoppable force. What’s more, it adds coins to the Psychiatry Churches coffers. You’ve got a church built upon a fervently held confidence in human self-destructiveness.

The idea of “Mental Illness” presupposes its opposite, the idea of “Mental Health”. This concept of “Mental Health” is not really a consolation to people of the faith. “Mental Health”, for people in the Psychiatry religion, is rather like the idea of the Anti-Christ in Christianity. When people “get better”, the church is in jeopardy.

Fortunately, where faith is strong, “Mental Health” is on hiatus, perhaps permanently. There are no shortage of converts among the laity. It helps when you have a Eucharist of the sort that the Psychiatry Church possesses. The body of “Mental Illness” is the toxic drug regimen that so many among the converted find themselves so readily consuming, not just on Good Friday, but on periodic occasions everyday of the week throughout the year.

Psychiatry is an Evangelical faith and, as such, it has experienced enormous success converting heathen in recent years. Fully one fourth of people throughout the civilized world are said to be devotees of this religion, and it is spreading at breakneck speed. Low level Evangelicals are recruited from among the laity to serve a quasi-clerical missionary function in promoting the faith to good effect.

Although the enemies of “Mental Illness” are rumored to be many, the Psychiatry religion has been triumphant in keeping them at bay. When “Mental Illness” is “serious”, “Mental Health” keeps his distance, and all sorts of rituals, including the partaking of the Eucharist, mentioned above, ensure that this arrangement is held to be sacrosanct. “Mental Illness” keeps converts coming and coffers filled.

It is hoped, among the faithful, that someday soon every state in the advanced world will get around to officially recognizing Psychiatry as the state religion that it already is off record. Official recognition will help converts dispense with the archaic notion of freedom, and the rationalism that goes along with it, that has been such an impediment to the advancement and spread of this Church and its catechism.


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